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  • Darrak Melair

    Yea, the blood of the [[Melairkyn Clan | Melairkyn Clan]] flows in me veins! I come a’ seeking the Underhalls, and I durn’t care how many tried and failed! Well, of course I have me a plan! Buy the next round, and I’ll tell ye all about it. Thousands …

  • Sorrow

    A ranger has joined the party from the wilderness. He is just a plain ranger and is not at all a member of a thieves guild, or the wanted by the harpers, or a killer on the run. He also has a dog. Its name is Wolf. [[Campaign Guide | [[File:410262 | …

  • Vashi Tanor'Thal

    Vashi is on the run from the followers of Lolth. From a young age she was discovered as a worshiper of Vhaeraun along with many others whilst at a gathering, many were slayed or captured but I escaped to the surface. Vashi has survived using her skills …

  • Vimak Moonwalker

    My history is mystery to me until my player fills this in... [[Campaign Guide | [[File:410262 | class=media-item-align-center | 116x64px | ddlogo.png]]]]