Lady Lestra Urmbrusk


House Urmbrusk has a long and honored place in Waterdeep’s history. This centuries-old family has provided money lending and land-buying services to many merchants and temples over the years. The house is most famous, however, for the tendency of its scions to leave the secured walls of its ancestral manor to seek adventures in that grandest of dungeons beneath the city – Undermountain.

Three years ago, the family’s patriarch, Lord Quarren Urmbrusk, joined the ranks of his ancestors who had traded in finery for armor, believing the sword was in fact mightier than the pen. He set his affairs in order and left his younger sister, Lady Lestra Urmbrusk, in charge of the family’s interests. In doing so, he granted her custody of his only child, a teenaged lad named Rutherford, whose mother had passed away in childbirth.

She describes Rutherford as a seventeen-year old human. He has pale skin, green eyes, and long, dark, curly hair. The shield he carries bears the family crest, a dagger stabbing into a fanged mouth.

She can only provide sketchy outlines of Rutherford’s five companions:

  • Zarr, a half-elf mercenary, has tattoos showing various military insignia.
  • Aizel, a female elf with a raspy voice, is a wizard.
  • Enda, a female halfling, wears her dyed-red hair very short.
  • Squam and Rotwile, half-orc brothers, fill out the group. Squam, a squat, loutish fighter, has a heavily scarred face and nasty temperament. Rotwile, tall, thin, and sullen, wears a patch over his right eye and has a long braided beard.


Lady Lestra Urmbrusk

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