Darrak Melair


Yea, the blood of the Melairkyn Clan flows in me veins! I come a’ seeking the Underhalls, and I durn’t care how many tried and failed! Well, of course I have me a plan! Buy the next round, and I’ll tell ye all about it.

Thousands of years ago, in an age of great empires, the dwarven realm of the Underhalls, a complex of tunnels and rooms the dwarves built around a mithral mine beneath Mount Waterdeep. The architects of Underhalls, the Melairkyn Clan, had long ago been killed or dispersed. Said to be the pinnacle of dwarven culture, Underhalls was a place whose citizens were happy and productive, trading in relative peace with their neighbors.

There have been many of the dwarves of the North, to claim a direct descent from the Melairkyn Clan. However, with so many making that same claim, who knows if any speak the truth? In private, for much of your life, you’ve had your doubts.

Seventeen years ago, during the Summons, the ghosts came.

Perhaps only one in a thousand dwarves has made a believable claim to have seen them — but you are one of those chosen few. Clad in the vestments of ancient times, the ghosts spoke with a voice that only you could hear. Pleading in the manner of dwarves in the most desperate need, they begged for help — not for themselves, but for all your kind. They spoke of an “awakening beast” that must not be allowed to rise. And before they vanished, they begged you to come to them — in Undermountain.

The dire warnings of the ghosts whose summons you obey weigh heavily on your heart. You have followed the rumors that bore the greatest ring of truth, but now that you’ve reached Waterdeep, you know that completing your quest will require all the help you can get.


Darrak Melair

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