House Tanor'Thal


House Tanor’Thal

House Tanor’Thal is the dominant house in the Drow city of Karsoluthiyl. This is in no small part to the large number of slaves the House sells in Skullport. Using a portal to their outpost of Kyorlamshin led by Matron Tanor’Thal’s niece – Haelra Kesra.

They capture any potential slaves that they can and sell them in the bazaars of Skullport. House Tanor’Thal is, in fact, Skullport’s most prominent Drow slaving organization.

Political pressure is being put on Matron Tanor’Thal back in Karsoluthiyl to allow access to Kyorlamshin’s portal for the other houses of the city. A concession the matron mother does not wish to make.


House Tanor'Thal

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