Descent into Undermountain

Zarr's Encampment

Log 3

Rescuing Adventurer's

log 2

Our Descent Begins

An excerpt from Ferne’s Journal…

It has been just over 1 year since Master Vajra Safhar, the new Archmage of Blackstaff Tower, took me in as one of her apprentices. I was so nervous that day as my first year exams were upon me and then Master Safhar vanished. Ever since, my world has been turned upside down.

For several weeks now I have been having dreams – nightmares really, but I can only remember snippets after I wake sweating with the feeling of being crushed to death:

“I saw a staircase leading up into the darkness. Then a shimmering web of magical energy twists and turns the stairway this way and that. Atop the stairway sits an iron ring with tiny inward-curving horns. Suddenly the walls and ceiling begin to shake and give way from the torture inflicted upon them. As dust begins to fall from above, it is quickly followed by a hail of stones and debris that bury everything I can see”.

There was something familiar about the stonework so I went to the library and after days of searching I found it in “The History of Waterdeep, Volume XLVII”. The stone work matched the etchings in the book of the famed dungeon – Undermountain.

I have made my way to the Yawning Portal Inn run by Durnan VI. He is gruff for a human, but his eyes have a kindess in them that is reflected in his laugh.

I sought out a group of adventurer’s in the Inn doing last minute preparations for the delve that day. Unfortunately their party was full. However this gave me an opportunity to mingle wit some of the regular clientele in the Inn.


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