Vashi Tanor'Thal


Vashi is on the run from the followers of Lolth. From a young age she was discovered as a worshiper of Vhaeraun along with many others whilst at a gathering, many were slayed or captured but I escaped to the surface.

Vashi has survived using her skills taught in the depths to survive among surface dewlers. The league of Whispers found that her talents and aptitude were suitable to recruit despite her unusually good morals. She has never killed a mark that wasn’t deserving.

Shes hates the destruction that creatures such as orcs, goblins and especially Lolth worshipers who killed or enslaved many of her friends and family years ago. As such she has zero regard for their survival and will go out of her way to hunt Lolth dark elves first.

Stubborn and defiant Vashi is equally at home sipping tea with royalty or sculling pints in a tavern. She is good at heart and help protect the weak.

House Tanor’Thal


Vashi Tanor'Thal

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