Umpold Steinrut


Most nights of late, the dwarf many know as “Grumpold” can be found sprawled amid empty tankards and bottles at his corner table, his beard soaking up any spilled swill. Umpold is a longtime tavern regular, so Durnan knows why he’s turned sodden, and the innkeeper has decided not to chuck the drunken dwarf out on his rumpled rump. He’s in mourning. His brother, Angus Steinrut, recently disappeared and is believed dead.

Angus and Umpold always came into the Yawning Portal together to while away the hours with meals and games in their favorite booth. The two brothers used the booth as a second living room, inviting guests and friends to visit them there and using it for all manner of tasks, both business and personal.

These days, Umpold weaves unsteadily into the inn after his shift at the tannery, smelling of his work and drink and looking downright dangerous. If other patrons are in his booth when he arrives, the bereaved brother stands close to them, stares coldly, and harrumphs loudly until the intruders leave of their own accord or a server comes to offer them another table and a free drink for the inconvenience. Umpold then proceeds to drink himself into a stupor, which takes quite a while.


Umpold Steinrut

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