The White Lady


Several months ago, an elderly elf wearing plain white robes came into the Yawning Portal. She placed a few silver coins on the bar, ordered a mead and plate of food by pointing at what she wanted, and then took a seat at a table. After eating, she began whispering. People approached her to make sure she was not in distress, and they realized she was repeating the same statements in an endless loop: “The eye is open. It casts its glance far. Some follow the eye’s glance, coming here. Some fall in and spiral down like a whirlpool. Nothing lies at the bottom. Even the darkness is empty. The eye cannot see. The eye is open.”

After sitting at the table for a couple hours, she left. The next afternoon, she repeated the process. And every day since, the elf, whom patrons have dubbed the White Lady, has done the same thing. She sometimes whispers the words in a different language, but the message never changes. So far, no one has been able to make sense of it, and the White Lady resists all attempts at interruption.

Priests of Oghma approached her one day, thinking she might be a prophet. Their insistence in questioning the White Lady perturbed her, and she began screaming and hurling things at them. Durnan then banned her from the Yawning Portal, but she wandered in the next evening as though nothing had happened, mutely pointing to her order. Rather than risk another scene, Durnan decided to make sure the White Lady remained unmolested while at his establishment.


The White Lady

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