Endroth Knag


During the day, a well-armed and armored elderly man can be seen keeping the peace and doing an honest day’s work in the city district that holds the Yawning Portal. At night, that same man, without his uniform, can be found inside the Yawning Portal.

Endroth Knag has been a member of the City Watch for decades. In fact, his superiors have been pressuring him to retire for years now. But Corporal Knag has an enduring passion that keeps him committed to his work: he hates mysteries. Indeed, Corporal Knag’s zeal for uncovering the truth when presented with crimes or puzzles has earned him both promotions and demotions throughout his long career.

As usual, Corporal Knag has been using his time off to ponder various unresolved cases as he quietly sips ale in the Yawning Portal’s taproom. Two mysteries currently preoccupy him.


Endroth Knag

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