Duman is a gruff, square-jawed, burly man, close-mouthed and prudent. His shoulder-length russet hair is graying, his eyes are icy blue, and he looks physically strong and ready for battle. He is confident and alert, and he usually wears a leather jerkin, breeches,and boots, with a cotton shirt.


A direct descendant of the Yawning Portal’s founder, Durnan the Sixth runs the inn in the same manner his forebears did. Like the original Duman, he backs his policies with the point of a sword if necessary.

Duman understands the tradition established and honored within the Yawning Portal’s walls, and he knows adventurers of all shapes and sizes are vital to that history. A practical fellow, Duman shows great respect for all dungeon delvers who enter his tavern through its doors and exit it through the well into Undermountain. Despite that respect, Duman does not tolerate violence or suspicious behavior in his establishment.



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