Brother Sepulcher


Perpetually dressed in gray robes and long white gloves, Brother Sepulcher gives many tavern regulars the creeps. The priest’s habit of removing a skull from his robes and staring at it unblinkingly for long moments has a fair amount to do with their reaction.


A grim and morose man, Brother Sepulcher (the only name by which he is known) has remained at the Yawning Portal for the past ten days, paying Durnan for a room and spending most of his waking hours in the tavern. He drinks little alcohol and eats sparingly.

While in the taproom, the gaunt priest of Jergal, the exarch of proper burial and final resting places, devotes himself to recording the names and descriptions of each person who enters Undermountain. He often questions anyone preparing to enter the dungeon about their relatives, spiritual inclinations, and intended Undermountain destinations. While he does this, Brother Sepulcher sometimes removes a measuring tape from his robes and stretches it in front of an individual. When the priest deems someone too tall, he calmly informs the dungeon delver’s companions that to lay the person’s body to rest in Undermountain, should he or she die, they’ll need to break its legs. Once they fold the legs over, Brother Sepulcher continues, the body should fit, albeit snugly, in any burial niche or sarcophagus they encounter.


Brother Sepulcher

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